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Artist Academy

Are you a talented creator who hopes to one day make art your full time career? Join the Artist Academy to learn the business side of the art world and be one step closer to making that dream a reality. 


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What's included in the Artist Academy?


"I went from a job I didn't like to full-time muralist in just 3 months! I could not have done it without Andrea's mentorship and am truly so thankful to have had her help throughout this process. I now have a job I LOVE!"

-Samantha Cox


"My art business is taking off like never before and I LOVE it! We decided that my part-time job could go and I would focus on my art and family!!!"

-Christie Martin

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Mural Training

Sign up for the free training on how to grow your art business quickly using murals. 

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A group of international artists of all skill levels who come together to encourage, inspire, and learn from each other in a free Facebook group. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are made up of about 80% aspiring artists working their way to full-time, and the other 20% are already established artists just wanting to refine their skills and loving that extra push of weekly positivity!

Try out the membership completely free for 5 days then cancel at any time! There are no minimums and cancelation is super easy.

You'll receive a warm welcome email and get a tour around our Artist Academy website that houses all of the premium content just waiting for you to dive in and learn. We have weekly trainings that include subjects like social media, sales, and staying motivated, plus we get organized together and set new goals each and every month! 

Artist Academy Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded through the purchase of an NFT. Apply for or gift a Scholarship today.

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