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How To Make $1,000 in 1 Day

Aug 18, 2019

How to make 1k in 1 day-


How does someone make $1,000 in 1 day? That's the big questions. Now, I know you’re reading this because those zeros on that title caught your eye and before I dive into it, I just want to preface this with a one thing: Getting your mindset right and welcoming abundance into your life and saying, “I AM capable and I can do this” is the first part to achieving anything you want.

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I want to talk a little bit about mindset because you can do all of the things and apply a lot of the strategy but until you have that mindset of, “I am capable of anything” or, “It’s okay for me to want to make money”, untll you have those mindset shifts, it’s going to be a lot harder to complete anything. You’re going to be battling yourself maybe saying things like well success came to her or him but… insert excuse… is why it will never come to me. You might say something like, “well she is just more likeable or he is just more advanced and that’s the reason I can’t be at their level yet.” Stop, stop, stop. The mindset shift of “Heck yes I can do this and I will, you just wait” is the mindset I want you to have. You have no idea how many times someone has looked at me like “oh, that’s cute” when I said a dream out loud. Or my favorite, they look at you with this uncomfortable and slightly doubtful face and you can literally see right through them knowing exactly what they’re thinking. They are thinking, “Oh that dream is a bit too big. I wish she would be a little more realistic because I don’t personally know anyone who has achieved that so I’m not sure it’s even possible.” Yea. I’ve had a couple people who are pretty close to me tell me things like, “Oh your degree is in coloring” which is now my favorite joke btw I completely laugh that off and love to be sarcastic using that exact comment. But really it’s not until you’ve “made it” that those people will pat you on the back.


The majority of people will go to their 9-5 job and brush their dreams under the rug thinking that they will not be able to accomplish anything more than a steady paycheck but not YOU. I talk like this because that is truly what I believe in my own head. I know that I am way too smart and way too creative and way to determined to live an average life. I have said that for years and I truly believe it. And I want the same for YOU. There are a couple members currently in the Artist Academy membership that I can literally see their light shining from where I’m sitting, having never met them in person, but I know that they will make it out of pure determination. I can see it because I recognize it in myself, so I can recognize it in others. Now, I’m not saying that I am THE smartest, or THE most creative or even the most determined, but I am pretty relentless when it comes to getting something I want, and that’s what matters.


Okay so I know you didn’t hop on this podcast to get a pep talk, you want my tips and strategies and methods to make money, but I couldn’t help but just say what I was thinking because I can give you everything, but unless you take action and believe that you can do it, it might go to waste. This coming from someone who was reeeeally insecure about her art for a long time even though I had people saying, “oh it looks great,” I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be, so I kept painting and kept practicing and putting myself out there and I’m finally starting to be at a place where I’m happy with results, not 100% of the time, but more often than not.


Now let’s get to it, how I made $1,000 in 1 day…


Okay wait a second, when I say $1000 it makes me want to throw up a little thinking that back in the day I used to work for $5 an hour starting at 7am on the weekends. Yea, any time I make a decent amount these days I’m always thinking back at my first job as a hostess, back in 2007-2008 working my little feet off running around filling up drink cups and I’m serious when I say it was a tough job, we were busy all the time and I made $40 for the entire morning busting tables. $40! So comparing that to nowadays when I make double that per hour, yea, I’m sitting at about $80 per hour right now which is crazy, I always think back to that first job and it blows my mind with gratitude. Also thinking that I could still be there if I wanted to. I could’ve taken the easy route and it is totally okay if someone is out there listening and their mom or sister is a hostess or a waitress and they want to stay at that job and they do not have these crazy dreams of becoming something big, that’s okay. If you’re happy living the simple life, do it! I envy you a little. But that’s not me. I knew that I wanted something MORE. Something not everyone could have and I didn’t mind working for it either because I wanted it so bad. So this goes back to the mental state of just being determined and going for it and yea okay I’ll get off my high horse now and get to the content.


Let’s break it down…


So how I earned $1,000 in 1 day, well, I woke up that day and opening my phone to Instagram and just said hey, I think I want to make money today and posted about it and people started buying. Tons of orders started coming through out of nowhere just from 1 little post and… I’m kidding, obviously, nothing happens like that, although I wish it did…


What really happened is that I was just painting along one day and Brad Pitt, he’s from Springfield Missouri where I live, he was on Instagram and saw my butterfly wings and shared it on social media and it went viral and all of a sudden orders started coming in and… okay okay, you get my humor? Obviously, that didn’t happen either but I have had thoughts that maybe one day Brad Pitt will know I exist and come pose with the butterfly wings but until that day comes… I’ll be here creating a strategy to sell my art on my own without Brad’s help. But really if anyone knows him, if you could point him my way that would be fantastic…


Back to it, the steps you need to make a grand in a day is this…

First, you need to connect with customers on a deeper level.

That is PILLAR NUMBER 1. I’m not saying go have dinner with them or attend their birthday parties, I’m just saying connect with them somewhere that is not on social media… can you guess how that is?.. Your…. Email list! Yep that thing you know you need to do but have been putting it off because you’re thinking “eh social media is easier” and “does this email list thing really work?” Yes, it does. I made half of the sales on that 1k day, through my email list. Crazy, right?

What happens when you start an email list is you’re inviting your followers off of social media and you’re segmenting them to ones who like your stuff to ones who are potential buyers. Not everyone on your social media wants or has even thought about buying from you. Rude, I know. It’s like they are hanging out on a visual platform and only want to see your pretty pictures, laaaame. However, asking someone to get on your email list is like holding out your hand and saying “do you actually want my art?” and they take your hand and hope it’s free but realize it’s not and they hang around looking for a deal. Basically, in a nut shell.


So you get people on your email list, then what? You sell to them, NOPE. Have you ever heard the saying “jab jab jab right hook” by Gary V. You do not sell to them, I repeat you do not sell to them right away. “Okay, Andrea what do I do then?” Right, it’s like I’m in your head, I know. JK these are the questions I asked myself and other markets way smarter than me last year before I started implementing these strategies. During the first month of the 4thQuarter Success Plan we are going to go over the entire process of emailing. We are going to write out every email that you will possibly send a customer in the coming months so that when it comes time to send them, you can just press a button, copy and paste, and get back to painting because you are going to be so busy with commissions that you don’t have time to stay up until midnight writing emails to your list. This is exactly what I did last year and is why I know now not to make that mistake again so I’ll be lining it all out for you and myself. You’ll get copies of exactly what I sent last year, how I educated my customer before they bought from me, btw did you know that the majority of people don’t know what a print is? It’s up to you to clarify.


There are so many types of emails; a newsletter, a giveaway email, the emails leading up the announcement of the giveaway, the discount, the special offer, all of it, that I could not possibly walk you through it on this podcast which is why I will be giving them all to you in a downloadable format in the advanced group. Yes, you have to apply to be in the advanced group and I’m only accepting a certain number of people, I’ll get to that later, BUT this start emailing people thing is step 1 of how I made $1000 in day. I emailed my list for several weeks, priming them, getting them ready and amped up in order to buy from me when I said GO.


Now, PILLAR NUMBER 2: I gave away things for free in order to get people’s information (aka their email address) and to get attention.

There is a specific strategy that you need to implement in order to do a proper giveaway. If you are not collecting someone’s email, you are doing yourself a disservice and throwing away unseen profits. If you are not having participants tag their friends or share your giveaway in some form, you are doing yourself a disservice and throwing away unseen profits. Attention and information. Those are the things we are all striving for. Whoever gets the most attention and has the most information, will make the most money. Think of it that way. Social media is numbers game. Did you know only 10% of your followers are seeing what you’re putting out? What a waste right?! Wrong. There are several ways you can go about making sure you are getting the most attention again I go over everything in detail in the advanced group coming up for the 4thQuarter Success Plan but not to disappoint you and hold out, although there are way too many details to go over at this moment, a few things you can do are: comment back. Crazy idea right? Ya know when someone comments on your giveaway post and you say thank you, what about asking a question? If they Say “oh wow I would love to win this, I’ve been eyeing that panda painting for a long time,” come back and say something like “hey thank you! What is it about it that you like exactly?” Get the conversation started and keep it going. The algorithm will looooove you therefore it will boost you out to more people and the more attention you get, the more information you collect, thus the more profits you will make. Boom!


Okay PILLAR NUMBER 3: This is a big one. I picked certain days to sell certain things and gave reasons for why people should buy NOW.

If you do not give someone a slight push, they will not purchase. The emphasis of this strategy is to take someone who likes your art and is thinking about buying and taking them to a place of liking your art and being able to visualize it in their home and having to buy now because if they don’t they might not get another chance. In the 4thQuarter Success plan I will walk you through the steps I did last year in order to make $1,000 in 1 day. I tell you the exact lingo I used and how I’m going to improve upon it this year. You can literally copy and paste, add your little bit of fun and flare, then go back to painting because the marketing part is already done for you. Or, not to leave you hanging here, I will give you some tips now that you could do on your own. You can do this with or without my help, it just might not be as smooth or as profitable.


One tip is that you need to pick time and date in advance and work up to it. Set a date, preferably well before Christmas, do not do a last-minute Christmas sale because you’re going to be competing with every little and big box store there is around that time. Set a date far enough in advance that people are thinking about buying for the holidays but not so close that their inbox is full of discounts and deal and yours gets lost in the mix. Trust me, I did this last year by running a black Friday sale and it was crickets. However, when I did it on my own terms well ahead of that, obviously, I made $1,000 in 1 day, the title of this whole thing.


So, that is literally it. Simple right? Ehhhh…. Kinda. It’s simple but not exactly easy. However, this year I am gifting you my 4thquarter playbook inside the advanced membership for you to follow along with me. We will be writing emails together, sending them, filling up our email list, doing giveaways and special promotions and all of that stuff that doesn’t sound like all that much fun to do alone or to just jump in blind. I hold your hand through the process with proven templates and strategies that I have personally used last year. And let me tell you, my goal for this year is $2k in 1 day and I really think I can make it happen. I know what mistakes I made last year and how I can make them better and I want to show you exactly how to do it.


The 4thquarter is the most profitable time of the year for artists anywhere and I know you have the potential to take advantage of it, just like I did. I just need you to realize that 1. You CAN. and 2. That sometimes it takes investing time and energy and even money to be able to make big profits. You don’t’ know what you don’t know. I say this all the time because soooo often I’m presented with information about how to do something whether it’s a painting technique or marketing or whatever, I’m still learning too, and so often I’m like wow why did anyone not show me this before but now that I know it, it’s mine to keep forever and I can use this technique for as long as I want to. This 4thQuarter Success Plan can be used at any time of the year, especially the first half of what I’m going to teach you all about showing up for your audience and building that next level relationship with them, because that next level is where people will often buy. Not with social media likes, but with building a little trust and showing them that you’re a real human, as simple as that sounds.


Just to recap, the 4th quarter strategy is to:

  1. Connect with customers on a deeper level.
  2. Give away things to gain attention and information.
  3. Strategize your selling and give people a reason to buy now.

That last one is the reason I made $1,000 in 1 day, not throughout a week or a month, and it’s due to the build-up and the time and effort I put into connecting and strategizing to get to that highly profitable day.


Ta-da! If you would like a little help with this process I urge you to check out and apply for the Artist Academy Advanced Membership. The deadline is September 1stand after that you will be put on a wait list and it will not open back up until. 2020. I’m not taking on any more students but rather focusing on the ones I do have for the entire 4thquarter, along with my art customers. That’s as much as my mind can handle during the busiest time of the year so I had to put a deadline on it. If you’re listening to this after Sept. 1 and you’re like, “oh no dang it I missed it,” don’t worry, just apply and I will check out your application first thing starting January 1, 2020, and we can get you started on a plan to make 2020 your best year yet. You’ll be first in line because I’ll only be accepting a small number again. However, if you’re listening to this and you’re one of the lucky ones to have caught it just in time, head on over to and apply and I will check out your application in the coming days and we will get started making the most of the 4thquarter starting Sept. 1st!


This WILL be one of the most profitable years yet, I know it, and I’m so excited that you’re pumped up and ready to join me through it. This Artist Academy group is seriously so amazing and motivating. Everyone is so uplifting and going through it right along with you and it’s so nice to have a community of likeminded people in the trenches, doing the hard stuff and reaping the reward of their efforts and most of all celebrating together!


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