Artist Academy Scholarships

The Artist Academy is the essential resource for artists wanting to learn the business side of art to create a profitable, creative career. 

Watch this video for a full explanation of what the Scholarship program is all about.

Contact Andrea at [email protected] with any questions. 


Scholarship Application

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What's included in the Artist Academy:

  • A catalog of tutorials covering a wide range of subjects including: painting, pitching, selling, social media, (how to create) photos/video, and every business thing in between.
  • Mural Master- A program to help you make the big bucks painting large scale. 
  • Print Perfect- A program to help you get started with creating and selling prints of your canvas artwork. 
  • The 4th Quarter Success Plan- A program to help you navigate the most profitable time of year; the holiday seasons. 
  • Group Virtual Meetups- Calls every other Monday to chat with other members and ask questions.
  • Mindset with Madelyne- Coaching calls to help you build confidence.
  • Artist Community- A community of supportive, like minded artists to help guide you through the toughest years of getting started. These are people who are going through the process right along with you, mixed with a few of our Artist Academy graduates eager to help assist you with any questions you might have along the way. 

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m Andrea; Muralist and founder of the Artist Academy. I started this platform to help aspiring artists make money with their creativity.

I share painting tips, but we mostly focus on the business side of art. Ya know, the part where most artists get stuck not knowing how to promote, sell, or turn their creativity into a profitable business. That’s where I come in.

I’ve spent the last few years mentoring artists and creating a library of videos to show you exactly how I can help you too.

With step-by-step processes combined with our extremely encouraging artist community, you’ll be on the path to profitability in no time!


We will help you create an art brand. 



Promote with Confidence



Make money with your creativity. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Success Stories

”I went from a job I didn't like to a full-time muralist in just 3 months! I could not have done it without Andrea's mentorship and am truly so thankful to have had her help throughout this process. I now have a job I LOVE!"

-Samantha Cox

”I took ALL of Andrea's business and social media tips to grow my art brand faster than I could've ever imagined! I've gained a large following and now have consistent commissions coming in."

-Austin Fabinski

”My art business is taking off like never before and I love it! We decided that my part-time job could go and I would focus on my art and family!" 

-Christie Martin

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