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Learn from professional muralist Andrea Ehrhardt.
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If you’re a passionate artist who is ready to live out your dream of turning art into your full time career, then you already know you need to take your art business seriously. At least part of the time anyway ;)



Join the Advanced Membership today and take your art biz to the next level.

  • Follow A Proven Plan

    Wether you're starting from the very beginning or just need some help getting organized and motivated; we have a strategy for you!
  • Become A Mural Master

    Learn to paint large scale quickly and confidently. 
  • Create Recurring Revenue With Prints

    Learn how to find your perfect printer, reach your ideal buyer, and get your art in the customer's hands.
  • Most Important: You're Not Alone

    Join the many artists already in the group who are on this crazy-fun rollercoaster ride right along with you! They are the ultra-positive accountability buddies you never knew you needed!

“Joining the Artist Academy has been the best decision I've made all year.”



Watch this video to hear how current members are benefiting from joining the Artist Academy Advanced. We received ZERO refund requests in 2019!


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Gain the CONFIDENCE you need to SELL

Sales and promotion are completely foreign concepts to most artists. We can't help that we're natural introverts! But we can learn a few things to change our mindset and get the job done. 

Let's. Get. MOTIVATED!

Every week comes a new lesson or group challenge.

We strategically alternate between mastering our craft, building an audience, and promoting an offer.

And don't forget about the bonus commissions!

I want to give you work!

Every month I pass on several custom commissions for art that just doesn't interest me. Most are pet or people portraits! I give my students first pick and help walk them through the process of completing the sale. 

“My art business is taking off like never before and I LOVE it! We decided that my part-time job could go and I would focus on my art and family!!! ”


Drum roll please...


The support you need to achieve the results you desire.


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This membership is game-changing. There is no other membership that provides the community, content, and courses necessary to take your art business to the next level. Not to mention how crazy affordable it is at just $27/month! But, if you're unsatisfied at any time, cancellation is easy and immediate.

There were ZERO refund requests in 2019!

Frequently Asked Questions

What you really want to know before joining.

It's a monthly subscription and there is no minimum requirement.

Not hard at all! There's no months-long subscription or huge monetary loss for canceling because you can cancel at any time. If you have any issues whatsoever, you can simply email [email protected].

There were ZERO refund requests in 2019!

YES! Do tennis players go it alone or do they hire tennis coaches? Art is the SAME. Whether you're looking to become a better artist, learn how to send effective pitches, or manage the business side of things; you'll find easy, actionable steps that will increase your profits and success right away.

Unlike other subscription-based course content, the Artist Academy Advanced Membership is focused solely on teaching you how to build a successful art business. You'll learn industry-specific tips, techniques, and tools that will immediately translate into more clients and higher profits.

You can gain access to everything you need for a successful, fulfilling art business. No strings attached.

I'll show you a sneak peak of what's waiting for you inside the membership...


Are you ready to make a living as a successful artist?

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